This is my hero, Luella St. Clair Moss. She epitomized intelligence, hard work, and trailblazing. She was a teacher, college president, politician, philanthropist, and world traveler. I aspire to leave my mark on the world just as she did.

I cringe a little at the thought of creating a public space all about me. I’m a historian, though, so I know how important it is that we all leave a record of our lives, of the things that matter most to us. This website and blog aim to capture one part of my world–the academic, professional piece. As a self-confessed techie, I find the thought of maintaining a website both thrilling and terrifying. I like a good challenge, though.

I am the Director of Instructional Innovation at Jackson College in Jackson, Michigan. This position marks my entry into the administrative side of higher education. I love working with faculty to make their classroom experience richer, and in doing so helping our students to learn and grow and be successful.

Prior to coming to JC, I was an associate professor of history at Columbia College, a small, private, liberal arts college in Columbia, Missouri. I taught about American history, especially women, African Americans, and the American West. I love teaching because my students are amazing. From them I learn new things about history, teaching, and life.

I am passionate about higher education and the myriad ways in which it is simultaneously the best and worst place to work. I am determined to do my part to make it the best for students, staff, and faculty. I believe in higher education, warts and all, and I believe that it takes dedicated people to commit their careers to making college more accessible to our students and a great place to work for staff and faculty.

Check back each month for an update on what I’m thinking about. It will probably be about higher education. It may be about politics. It will definitely have a picture of one or more of my cats and a recommendation for my favorite coffee or tea of the moment.